A nationally recognized photographer, has been lecturing, teaching, exhibiting and demonstrating his creative work for over 20 years. Illustrative best describes Bednarski's predominate photographic style. A Detroit native, Bednarski spent his early years at the renowned Cass Tech High School studying fine arts and design which led him to the distinguished Center for Creative Studies where he pursued his natural gift and love of photography. As Graphic Designer and Director of Visual Communication in the corporate sector for many years, along with leadership positions in a national photographic organization, Paul has established himself as a creative artist blending the tools and roles from the past into today's world of digital photography. Paul's ability to execute great images whether working with creative directors and architects in the corporate arena to professionals, authors, and actors comes from his ability to see the beauty in the detail and transform an image that communicates the essence of the project or the individual. When not at work, his lens never leaves his side which allows him to capture "present moments" whether traveling and exploring new cultures, creating succulent dishes from his kitchen, or sailing the high seas. Paul understands the holistic image. "Because all visual detail is part of a collective beauty; an illustrative approach to photography is simply my style of clarifying, reducing and enhancing visual elements that are invisible in the movement world and so prominent in the still."