Shawn is the founder and owner of Shawn Lee Studios. His "edgy punch it" style along with his energetic approach to photography have caused his photos to grace several local, National and International media forums and publications. Shawn is a well accomplished graphic artist as well as a certified photography instructor for MPW International. Shawn's eye in photography was developed as a Graphic Designer, which made the creative transition to photography very smooth. Shawn is also the founder and director of his community and school based venture called "Picture This". Picture This is a program in which Shawn and other volunteers inspire young people to consider Art & Creativity through the eyes of the Photographic lens. They achieve this through in-school motivational seminars and rallies. You'll often hear Shawn say, "RUN THAT!" or "BRING THE PAIN!", which are his energetic terms for making life happen. He approaches photography, his love for people and his numerous community service initiatives very much the same way... with a great deal of enthusiasm.

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